Since this sport is catching on in our beautiful peninsula, we went to discover the best ones padel club that are in the area.

This article aims to be a quick guide for those looking for a place to play and meet padelisti in their area, expanding their knowledge.

Obviously we can't take the whole territory into consideration, including the smaller ones, so we'll focus on the best ones.

We hope to be able to guide you in choosing a good padel club, where you can have fun and have incredible experiences.

Padel Club Rome

padel Rome

Let's start from Rome, being the capital as well as the most populated city in the area, with respectable offers regarding padel clubs.

The first in importance wins the Palaloca padel club, with its beautiful fields and excellent courses always available.

In second place the Bola Padelwhich is perhaps the most beautiful and busiest in terms of events and initiatives proposed for customers. Both are great choices and deserve a chance to see if they're right for you.

Padel Club Milan

padel Milan

In the capital of Italian fashion, padel has taken hold with greater force than elsewhere, with the opening of very interesting realities.

The first is definitely the Padel Club Milan with many beautiful courses ideal for any season of the year.

Also noteworthy is the initiative of the Z Padel Club, able to promote and bring the sport even to those who have never heard of it, which we couldn't be happier about.

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Other Italian Clubs

padel Florence

Then going towards cities where this sport is appearing more timidly, we find the Padel Club Naples to be noticed in Campania.

As for Florence however, there is the Florence Padel Center that we could not not include in this list.

In Turin instead, we find the Padel Country Club Turin which offers an excellent service to all players who want to launch themselves into this sport.

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We have listed only the most important clubs that we have found around the peninsula, but that doesn't mean that they are all.

There are indeed a lot of them dotted around and if all goes as we hope for padel they have some very good prospects ahead of them.

We hope to be able to update this list soon, including a much larger number of clubs and giving options for more players.