You are looking for your next one padel Adidas bag that will allow you to complete a perfect kit to play this fantastic sport?

Then you were right to visit our site, as we have collected those models that have a little more to give and a little less in price.

Bags are bags, in the end they all look a bit alike, but that doesn't mean that you can't do great deals with a minimum of research.

For this reason, we at Racchettiamo have put together those truly unmissable models that can be right for you.

Best Bags from padel Adidas

adidas padel bag

Now let's see together which are the models that, in our opinion, have something more than the others.

Adidas Control racket bag

The very first price for what concerns the Adidas padel bags, which does not offer something sensational but, for the price, it's a steal.

Here there is only a racket, there are no pockets or thermal linings, there is only the essential for the average player who wants to go and have fun.

You can put in the change of stuff, a towel, some personal effects and balls. Do you really need more space?

PORTARACCHETTE Adidas Control Nero...
  • Includes a main compartment with zipper and a separate compartment for balls.
  • Different handles, with the possibility of carrying it both with the handle at the top and ...
  • Attractive racket bag in black with neon yellow details, zip and logos.

Adidas Carbon

If the answer to the previous question is yes, I need more space to carry several rackets, then this bag is for you.

Up to 5 padel blades can fit here, 4 if you also want to keep ample space for all your personal belongings and not sacrifice it.

The rackets fit comfortably, but there are no thermal pockets or other small accessories here that might make a difference for some players.

Ultimately, also considering the price at which it is offered, it is an excellent bag that offers a lot by requiring a fairly modest amount from the customer.

Racchette Adidas Carbon Control -...
  • Design elegante e sofisticato: questa racchetta si distingue per il suo design...
  • ⭐Durabilità e protezione: il portapracchette Adidas Carbon Control Black è...
  • Comodità di trasporto: questo portapracchette è stato progettato per offrire...

Adidas Tour

Incredibly spacious bag, able to fit even 6/7 or more racquets without any problem and leaving space for the rest.

The materials are good, not at the level of Babolat bags which are the absolute top, but still very valid for the average of the competition.

They resist all kinds of mistreatment, throws, trunks full of stuff or any other harassment they might receive from a young player who uses them daily.

In short, if you need a large space and an equally high resistance at a low price, then this is the perfect bag for your pocket.

adidas Padel Racket Bag...
  • Adidas Tour 2.0 Red / Green racket bag
  • It is one of the most comfortable pallets in our collection. PVC free
  • Designed with a large central compartment, 2 side compartments specific for ...

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Other Adidas bags and backpacks

adidas padel bagSince the line of Adidas padel bags is not among the richest in the panorama, we have decided to also include some other backpack or bag not explicitly designed for this sport.

Adidas Tiro BP

A very simple backpack that can be bought for a handful of euros but it can be used without problems for any sport.

It has a lot of pockets and compartments where you can easily divide all your belongings, but obviously does not have a dedicated area specifically for a racket.

You can do a bit of everything with it, so we think it is an effective solution for those who occasionally play padel but also practice other sports or activities.

adidas TIRO BP, Sports Backpack ...
  • Durable fabric
  • Adjustable padded shoulder straps
  • Large main compartment

Adidas Backpack PRO Tour 2.0

The same goes for the previous model, but also for this, with a slightly higher price and a quality that goes hand in hand.

Other advantages are then in its aesthetic style which, although you may like it or not, is undoubtedly more worked and refined than the previous one.

Great for doing a bit of everything with it, not recommended for avid padel players who will find a better ally in the bag.

For everything else, however, we can only spend good words for a backpack that is undoubtedly of great quality.

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These are the best Adidas bag or backpack models, some of which are designed for the padel while others for a more general use.

We hope you have found the model that best suits your needs, without having to spend too much money and getting the quality you deserve.

Although Adidas has some very large padel rackets, its accessories line is a bit skimpy and we'd love to see more.

That said, all manufacturers have their most prominent sectors, so we understand that perhaps there is not even the will to compete in an already crowded segment.