Have you ever heard of Navarro Padel? Probably yes as he is one of the strongest players in the world who has been at the top for a long time.

We at Racchettiamo are great admirers of him, like any other champion who is at the highest padelistic levels.

But if you've never heard of him, then it's time to get a little knowledge about it by discovering his deeds.

Want to know everything about Paquito Navarro padel? Then read on to discover his story and his deeds.

Who is Navarro?


navarro padelFrancisco Navarro Compan (aka Paquito) is a player of Spanish origins, born in Seville on February 10, 1989.

Not exactly one of the freshest players on the professional circuit, but for this reason with a lot to tell in his past.

Like other samples of its caliber like lebron or Galan, takes up the racket at a very young age, when he was just 5 years old.

After an adjustment period in which it clearly shows potential, reaches the competitive circuit at the age of 9.

After just one calendar year, his name is echoing in the sport as much as it already is vice-world champion in its category.

A beginning that leaves very little room for doubts about where little Paquito will arrive, who does not disappoint at all.

Unfortunately the results are bittersweet, since even at the age of 14 it is again vice-champion, with a defeat in the final which burns a lot.

History repeating itself the following year, when he competes in the 16-year-old category, where he still reaches the final and loses this time too.

The air of the eternal second begins to get thick and lugubrious around the boy, but he manages to sweep it away completely a few years later.

At 20 he is finally world champion in his category, breaking the spell that always seemed to trick him at the right moment.

Switching to Pro

navarro padel

Having come of age, it's time to move on to the adult category, going to compete in the PPT, namely the Padel Pro Tour (ancestor of the WPT).

The first partner who accompanies him is Jordi Munoz, an equally promising boy with whom he becomes world champion in the under 23 category.

From 2009, the year of its debut, until 2012 there are no great jolts, with fluctuating results, but the turning point comes when it joins Adrian Alemandi.

The pair get to argue well 3 finals, losing all 3, but demonstrating to the whole world that he is ready for the summit.

In the following years, he rotates his teammates as if they were tops, winning the first tournament together with Max Gabriel, with whom wins the Valencia master against Belasteguin And Diaz.

In 2016 he joined the great champion Sanyo Gutierrez, with which he won several tournaments including the final master in Madrid.

They ended the year as the second pair in the standings, also due to an injury to Gutierrez which cost them both a final.

Why Paquito is so popular

navarro padel

But why is this player identifiable as one of the most loved (or even the most loved) on the professional circuit?

Well because of his great temperament on the pitch, where he puts all his charisma into looking for plays and getting on fire every time the going gets tough.

He always proved to be a great team man, showing modesty and selflessness in giving all honors and merits to the comrade when he deserved it.

His plays are pure art, coming to think of doing absolutely out of the ordinary things, pulling real rabbits out of the hat.

Lately things have been going a little less well for him but, from 2014 to 2021, he has always won at least one major tournament a year.

His age is starting to take its first creaks, although he still has many (potential) professional years ahead of him.

2022 hasn't been an easy year but for this great champion, who struggled to find success and crunches were seen with his partner Martin of Nenno.

Which racket does Paquito use?

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Navarro, to play padel, uses the Bullpadel Hack 03, one of the top models of this manufacturer.

This racket is designed for a game made of great aggression, with fast and powerful shots to bring the opponent to their knees.

The build quality, needless to say, is out of the ordinary scale, with materials like the tricarbon or the multiEVA core that leave very little doubt.

A model for top-level players but which would delight any padel lover, as it leaves no room for criticism.

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Paquito Navarro's future in padel could be defined as a turning point, where on one side there is sunset avenue and on the other a second youth.

As things stand right now, he's ranked number 5 in the world, which still puts him among the best players ever.

We really hope that the future will bring him better luck than this 2022, because we are always happy to see him take the field.