In case you were wondering who Juan is Lebron Padel, then know that you are in the presence of one of the greatest players this sport has ever seen.

Not the biggest ever (at least until proven otherwise), but certainly a figure that is taking padel to a new level.

In this article we will see in more detail who this Juan Lebron actually is, trying to understand what makes him so exceptional.

If you've only heard of this individual but want to know more about his exploits, then this article is definitely for you.


Who is Juan Lebron?

juan lebron padel

Let's start with some data on his life, then we will move on to see in detail aspects more related to padel.

Juan was born in Spain, to be more precise in Puerto de Santa Maria, a small seaside village overlooking the bay of Cadiz.

How old is Lebron Padel? His date of birth dates back to January 30, 1995, which means he is now 27 years old.

Play and dominate in the smaller categories, winning numerous tournaments, and then disembark in the WPT in 2016 with Gabriel Reca as a playmate.

The season is good, the results take him up to position number 30, with further improvements the following year climbing up to position 19.

In 2018 he reaches the first final of his career playing paired with Belluati, beating Belasteguin And File in the semifinals and surrendering to Gutierrez And Sanchez the last match.

Finally, in 2019, the first successes arrive (5 tournaments) which, at the end of the season, they lead it to be number 1 in the ranking.

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Why Juan Lebron is so important

juan lebron padel

Juan Lebron is said to be the revolution that padel was looking for and, on balance, it's hard to go against this claim.

This guy was the first Spanish player to break the domination of South Americans to the number 1 position in the ranking!

The mere fact that he was the first Spaniard to arrive to occupy the throne of padel says a lot.

If we add one to this new and revolutionary style of play, where the player on the right not only builds the point but also brings it to a close, then we have the complete picture.

For those who do not know, in the professional padel there is (or was) a stylistic custom where almost only those on the left ended up making a point.

This formally rigid habit was one of those classic situations where "it is done this way because everyone does it this way" reigns.

This was also due to the fact that he imposed himself on the player according to a certain style from a young age, helping to perpetrate the thing.

Juan Lebron plays padel in a completely different way, breaking this pattern together with his partner Ale Galan, creating a dynamic and much more versatile couple.

Sure, it takes the attributes to do so, but the fact that it proves possible is an incentive to experiment for future generations.

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What Racket Does Lebron Have?

babolat viper

Juan Lebron plays with the Babolat Technical Viper, one of the most aggressive and advanced of this brand.

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Juan Lebron is young, very strong and capable of giving the world a new way to play padel, a true symbol of this sport.

It is not yet at the level of Belasteguin, who still reigns supreme from the top of his infinite successes, but the path is mapped out.

Whether he will come to equal or even surpass his predecessor in fame and importance, this no one can know but, to date, Lebron has already left an indelible mark in this sport.