It is not difficult to understand that a novice or even a veteran player may have several doubts about the functioning of thepadel invasion.

Not everyone is perfectly clear when it is a foul and when, on the other hand, crossing the boundaries of the opponent's field is allowed.

Well yes, there are conditions in which it is possible to invade, but you need to know the limits well otherwise you will give away the point to your opponent.

If you want to know all the details of the invasion in padel, then you've come to the right place because we will explain everything to you!

When is Invasion in Padel?

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Invasion in padel is whenever the player tap the net or any part connected to iti.e. support pylons or ropes.

For any reason and under any circumstances, if one of the 4 padel players touches the net, he automatically gives the opponent a point.

This of course is valid for when the ball it's at stake, if you are chatting or setting up then it doesn't matter.

It is also an invasion if the player:

  • Touch the wall of the opponent's court;
  • Touch the opponent's field;
  • Goes over the net with a part of the body or with the racket when the ball is in the opponent's court.

The first two points are quite clear and don't need much explanation, but it is right to dwell a little on the third.

In padel, if you cross the net even with just a hair on the body when the ball is technically in play in the opponent's court, it's an invasion and a point for the opponent.

But is it always invasion? No! But under certain conditions.

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When it's not Invasion in Padel

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It is not an invasion in padel when the player crosses the net (without touching it) with a part of the body, for to hit a ball that was in play in his field.

It does not make sense? But yes. If you are on the net and doing a volley, your racket could end up in the opponent's court on momentum, ending the swing over the net.

In this case it is allowed, but it is not the only one.

If, for example, the ball first bounces in your court and then, for some strange effect, returns to the opponent's court, then the you can strike by invading provided always not to touch the ground of the opponent's field or the net.

So, in a nutshell, you can make an invasion if the ball has been in your court first and if, during the process, you won't touch anything beyond the ball.

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Now you know when it is invasion in padel and all the cases in which you are allowed to cross the network, so try to make the most of this knowledge.

Keep your friends straight when they go wrong and score big points when everyone thinks you fouled.

Knowledge is power, as well as in every aspect of life, even in padel an iron knowledge will allow you to reap the benefits.