The overgrip is a part that, sooner or later, all padel players have to wear as a system to rejuvenate the racket and make it perfect again.

Obviously for many novices this could appear as a complicated operation but, with the right indications and a pinch of dexterity, it can really be easy.

In this article we will see together how to overgrip a padel racket so, if you still don't know how to do it, you're definitely in the right place.

padel overgrip


How to Mount the Padel Overgrip

Mounting the padel overgrip really takes a few seconds if you know how to do it, but you need to do something more important first, get it.

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In any case, once the package has been delivered to your home, you will find yourself in front of a colored ribbon wrapped by a band that seems to be just there to keep it in place.

First, when you open it, try to avoid damaging this cable tie because it has a very important role in completing the operation.

In fact, it serves as a kind of adhesive tape that will block our grip once wrapped up to the tip, preventing it from unrolling again.

Now that you know its great utility, we can continue explaining the process.

First of all, If you already have an old overgrip on your racquet, you'll need to take it off to make room for the new one.

Depending on its condition, that will suffice for you remove the ribbon that holds it from the side of the head of the racket and unroll it to the bottom.

Once this is done you will end up with your "naked" racket, without any material that improves its grip other than the factory one.

Now it's time to place the new one by performing the same operation but in reverse, so get ready.

Take the racket and stand at its lower end, apply the overgrip here by placing it so that its edge coincides with that of the handle.

Try to make sure they are flush otherwise it will end up overhanging, being ugly to the eye and maybe even coming off after a short time.

Now start wrapping the new grip making sure that each wrap covers the old one for about half of its surface, trying to be quite accurate.

If you have respected the proportions, when you finish rolling it up you will have reached the tip of the handle more or less right, without too much tape left over or missing.

Otherwise repeat the operation because, if it forms bumps or depressions, in your hand during the game it will annoy you a lot.

Once it's rolled up tight and without any irregularities, it's time to place that little adhesive band that seemed unimportant at first.

After the last lap, remove the protective paper and place the adhesive part directly on the grip so that it fixes it and does not allow it to escape.

If you have done all the operations correctly, your racket now has a brand new overgrip fitted and is ready to take the court teaching your opponents padel lessons.

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Now you know how to overgrip your padel racket, go and do it with your own hands, I'm sure you will cope with it without any problems.

Obviously this is an operation that can be a bit difficult the first time but, with a little patience and the right amount of calm, it's really easy.

I hope that thanks to my advice you have succeeded in the enterprise. Listen to me, continue to follow us on these pages to stay up to date on the world of padel.

Share the article with your friends and show them how to put the padel overgrip, everyone has to do it sooner or later.