Have you ever thought about how to choose the padel racket which best meets your needs?

In this article we will talk about padel rackets, which shape to choose based on your level, which are the best materials for the structure and the core and many other more technical features.


How To Choose The Most Suitable Padel Racket

The padel racket, also called "shovel", is the main tool used in the padel game, a game derived from tennis. These rackets are very similar to the rackets used in the game of tennis, except that, instead of strings, have a smooth or rough surface with holes.

There are several padel rackets on the market; differ mainly in shapes and materials, each type is recommended based on the level of the player (as for the padel rackets for beginners) or any physical problems (such as padel rackets for epicondylitis).

Other features to consider on how to choose the best padel racket for you are: balance, weight, grip and available price range.


First of all, to choose the right padel racket, the shape must be considered. There are three distinct forms of padel rackets:

how to choose padel racket


If you are a beginner in this game, we recommend that you choose a round shaped padel racket because of the balance towards the handle, which allows you to have better grip and more control on the strokes..

This racquet is not only suitable for beginners, as even experienced players choose it because of the stability on the control of the shots.

A Drop

The padel drop-shaped rackets have an excellent compromise in the power-control ratio, in fact it is ideal for intermediate level players.

If you are looking for the best padel teardrop rackets, you can find them here.

To Diamante

In the end, the diamond shaped racquet is the most recommended for experts in the padel game.

The peculiarity of this racquet is the strong power in the shots, given by the high balance. For this reason, it is not a suitable racquet for everyone and is recommended for those who want more control over the ball.


Dimensions, when choosing a padel racket, also count and must not exceed the following measures:

  • 45.5cm of length,
  • 26cm wide,
  • 3.8cm thick.

Materials And Weight

The weight of the padel racket depends a lot on the materials used in its construction; the lightest racquets are those with carbon frame and a good racquet must stay between 350 grams ei 390 grams.

It is recommended that:

  • the racket of a man is between 370 grams and 385 grams;
  • for a woman, the racket should not exceed 370 grams.

Attention should be paid to choosing the padel racket that is not too light, as you may run into "tennis elbow”, Which is an inflammation in the elbow that we talked about in this article.

Nucleushow to choose padel racket

The core of the racket is the “filling” of the surface, that is the soft layer that can be glimpsed with the naked eye between the holes.

Such a filling can be made in two types of eraser: EVA or FOAM. EVA rubber is harder, although it can also be found with the words "Ultra Soft" and "Soft", it has more durability and gives a greater sensation of impact than FOAM rubber. On the other hand, FOAM rubber is soft and is characterized by emitting a louder sound when the ball comes out.


The grip is nothing more than the handle of the handle, which can also be reinforced by using a overgrip.

The grip e L'overgrip they can be defined as a "ribbon" to be wrapped around the handle of the racket; in particular, the grip is the first layer of tape around the handle and is in direct contact with the blade frame, the overgrip is the layer that is added above the grip (the handle of the handle), designed for a better grip of the racket, to increase its diameter and to modify the balance of the racket itself (by adding an overgrip, the balance is lowered due to the greater weight towards the handle).

To choose the right grip or overgrip for your padel racquet, you need to consider sweating of your hands: if your sweating is excessive, we recommend a grip or an overgrip in cotton, otherwise you can opt for a more material chewy, capable of generating friction, for a better quality of play.

For added security, choose a padel racquet with a drawstring at the bottom of the handle, which avoids slipping the shovel off while playing. Alternatively, you can try the Hesacore.


Surfaces are also important and they can be smooth or rough; the type varies according to the shape of the racket and allows a different management in the execution of the shots.

The material of the two surfaces is usually in glass fiber you hate carbon, the difference is in the effect on the ball when it bounces off it. Carbon fiber is much more resistant compared to fiberglass, while the latter, being less rigid, allows you to cushion blows in a different way and be more “malleable”.

When choosing the padel racket, care must be taken that the surfaces do not vibrate too much upon receiving and striking the ball, to avoid any injury and inflammation such as epicondylitis.

Sweet point

The sweet spot, also called "sweet spot”, Is the point in the padel blade where, when the ball hits, it responds most successfully. This "point" can be more or less large, depending on the model of the racquet, and does not necessarily have to be placed in the center of the face or flat.


On the market you can find very cheap and excellent quality racquets for beginners, which do not even cost € 100. Sometimes, however, it is better to spend a little more to have a better, more durable, resistant product that avoids injuries and is right for your level of experience in this sport, so that you can express yourself to the fullest.

There are padel shovels that also cost € 200 and more, they make sense if you intend to play padel for a long time and if you are a medium-high level player. In this article you will find the best rackets of 2022.

In Conclusion: Useful Tips For Buying

Before choosing a padel racket, it is good to understand if you intend to start with a beginner shovel, with low balance and round shape, or if it makes sense to invest and try a different type, perhaps with medium balance and teardrop shape.

Furthermore, it is important to choose a grip, and an eventual overgrip, that does not make your hands sweat too much while playing, so that you can give your best in matches and training.

Finally, before buying a padel shovel it is good to know how often you will play; if you plan to play padel often with friends then a good racket is worth buying, otherwise you don't need to buy a top-of-the-range model.

If you want to find out the rules of padel, take a look at the our article!