The question that many fans of this sport ask themselves and who have their eyes on a possible business opportunity is: how much does it cost to make a padel court?

Certainly because, being still quite rare in Italy (especially in rural areas), creating one means attracting all the interested public in a fairly large area.

This translates into many customers and, obviously, also many revenues which could be sufficient to amortize expenses in a short time.

So, in this article, let's take a look how much it costs to make a padel field, giving you the information you need for your projects.

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Padel court price

how much does it cost to make a padel court

Obviously, let's start by saying that a padel field can have a rather wide price range, depending on the characteristics.

For example, in case you want a padel field covered, then the total cost could even double compared to one without coverage.

If we add to this any changing rooms, benches, ancillary services nearby, it is easy to understand that the gap becomes enormous.

Finally, there are cheaper companies around and others that are more expensive, so the price you see may not be found in your area (or you may have an even more advantageous one).

In any case, for a padel field the price starts from around €16,000 up to over €45/50,000 for those with coverage.

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How much can you earn with a Paddle court?

how much does it cost to make a padel court

Therefore how much you earn with a padel field (or paddle for some)? Again the figures are very variable, it depends on the demand.

If you are in an area with a large user base and you can keep the field busy for most of the hours, the revenues are excellent.

To make it easy, let's assume €10 per player per hour (a bit expensive but it simplifies the bill), for 8 busy hours a day.

The calculation remains 10x4x8= €320 per day, from which the VAT of the 22% (approximately €70) would have to be subtracted, which would leave you with €250 net.

Obviously there would be any costs for the lights in case of use at night (but in that case the hours could increase), so let's take this figure for granted.

In a month, assuming I only work 5 days a week (but it would probably be more), he would make a total of €5,000 net.

So the possibility of making a profit on the initial investment in just 4/5 months, certainly an interesting prospect.


Now you know how much it is possible to spend and earn with a padel court, you just have to evaluate whether it's worth it or not.

Be careful though, it seems like a safe investment but a wrong calculation on the catchment area and competition could give you big problems.

In general, however, now that padel is expanding and seeing how much it costs, building a field could be an excellent business solution.