You want to throw yourself into this sport but you don't have a clue about how much does it cost to play padel? Then we absolutely have to resolve this doubt.

Not only will it be necessary to find out how much an hour costs on a normal course, but also a teacher for the same amount of time.

In short, we will try to give you a 360-degree idea of the price you need to pay to practice this new and beautiful sport.

At the end of this article you will have a more or less precise idea of how much you will have to plan to spend. Pack your wallet and let's go.

Padel racket price


To begin you will definitely need one racket, as playing with a padella for frying seems a bit strange.

Well here is definitely the point where you can go on spending more, but you can also keep costs down easily.

A good padel racket starts at about 80 euros, 60 if we want to stretch the budget to the maximum and 100 if instead we are looking for something a little more perspective.

Of course, a high-level shovel well exceeds 200 or even 300 eurosbut these are not necessary for a beginner or intermediate.

Added to this are the padel shoes, some accessory it's a clothing, going to originate a minimum expenditure of about 200 euros if you stay on the first prices.

If you are looking for the best beginner rackets or from intermediate, you can read our articles.


Price Camp Padel

padel equipment

This is the slightly more difficult point to predict, since varies a lot depending on the area where we are.

You can go from 20 up to even 40 or 60 euros per hour, which must certainly be divided among all the players but which are quick to affect if you play often.

Playing a couple of games a week and imagining booking an hour of play each time, it is a monthly cost of 80 euros (assuming 40 euros per hour).

Being that i fields from padel I am still relatively uncommon, prices remain sky-high for the few present.

This will then decrease over time and with greater competition but, for now, playing padel still costs more than other racket sports, although how much cannot be established in absolute form.


Paddle training

padel invasion

By training in padel, we are referring to the possibility of fetching a trainer staff for an hour to help us.

Obviously this will also be useful for you to understand how much does a padel master earn, as we are going to do two calculations in this regard.

A coach of padel it costs about 20 to 40 euros per hour, with higher peaks but which we are not really interested in for averaging purposes.

To get a good workout, we always recommend booking two hours, as one doesn't even cover the same amount of time as a game in a competitive match.

For this we go around 60/80 euros per day for a good training session. A teacher in a city that guarantees him a good catchment area has 6 to 8 hours covered every day.

This for an average of 5 days a week (perhaps he works on the weekend but rests on other days), leads to a gain of €40 x 6 (hours) x 5 days = 980 euros per week.

This without taxes, which will then subtract at least one 30/40% depending on the regime to which it is subjected.



In short, if you want to know how much it costs to play padel, then you need to include a whole series of factors together.

In general it is not a particularly expensive sport if played with friends, but it can get quite expensive if you aim to become a pro.

Playing padel costs more or less like any other sport, i.e. a variable amount that depends on how long you want to play and your specific needs.