If you want to know the padel field size and all its main features, then you are definitely in the right place.

For all newbies or those curious about this sport, we have decided to write an article that gives the basic notions related to the playing field.

Although it is very similar to tennis, in padel the court is smaller and has parts not found in other racket sports.

So let's go and see together how much does the field from padel measure, so let's arm ourselves with a ruler and go find out the numbers!

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How much does Campo Padel measure

padel field size

Let's start from the general measures that the International Padel Federation commands, and then gradually go into the detail of the individual areas or elements present, then width and length.

A padel field must be 10 meters wide and 20 meters long, with the possibility of deviating from this margin by no more than 0.5% (ie 10 cm and 20 cm respectively). These measurements refer to the internal part, therefore excluding white lines.

Now let's go a little more specifically by talking about the 2/3 white lines found in the back, i.e. the area outside the serve.

This line is placed at 3 meters from the background one, creating a single and uninterrupted rectangle.

The two areas, right and left immediately before the net, are 5 meters respectively of width each (including the encumbrance of the white line).

There length of these is instead of 7 meters, also here lines included, place where the ball can bounce after the serve.

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The glass and the net

padel field size

Turning now to the crystals that make up the external rebound points, let's see the dimensions they assume in the padel field.

If we are talking about lateral ones, then their extension with respect to the side of the field must be 4 meters each, then placed a 6 meters from the net.

Obviously, the bottom one, being equal to the entire width of the pitch, they assume an extension of 10 meters each.

Their height must be 3 meters, with an uncovered final meter (the net) which completes a total height of 4 meters.

Also on the sides the rule is the same, with the two meters extending from the back which must maintain the same measurements as the back wall.

After the first two meters, the field holds a maximum height of 3 meters constant, interrupted again two meters from the opposite bottom with a total height of 4 meters.

Of this there are some variations with 4m high nets throughout the field, diagonally cut glass or other small variations that do not change the general structure much.

The net must then be 0.88 meters high in the center and 0.92 on the sides, with a maximum tolerance of half a centimetre.


Now you know what the dimensions of the padel field are with all its peculiarities and variations, we hope we have been useful to you.

Obviously you could find variations to the external structures or other small details here and there but, to be a regulatory field, these are the rules.

We are sure that, in some cases, slightly non-standard fields have been built due to the needs but, if you have fun, they are fine all the same.