When players are just starting out, they often find themselves a little confused as to which one padel equipment to buy.

That's because there are a lot of ads out there that make you think it's impossible to play a decent game without that headband or particular shoe model.

The truth is, short of marketing, there are some items that are more important than others that need to be purchased.

Likewise there are the less useful ones which, if you are short on budget, you can very well leave for the near future.

Padel racket

padel shots

Obviously the padel racket is one of those essential elements, you can't show up with a tennis shoe or a mason's shovel.

Which one to choose though, is a whole other matter since there are entry level, mid-range and even professional models.

The story that “if you are a beginner you must have a beginner racket” only makes sense up to a certain point.

We recommend very cheap rackets (less than 70 euros) only to those who are not sure of their future in padel.

Are you someone who tries everything but tends to give up hobbies very early? So spend as little as possible by buying one racket of Decathlon and change it if you see that the passion remains.

If, on the other hand, you've already tried the padel and know you'll be turning to it in the near future, then there's really no point in getting a cheap model.

If you have budget to spend then buy a product that will accompany you over time, which will not become a limit as soon as you pass the learning.

Do you want a professional racket? Forget those who tell you you won't exploit it, buy it and enjoy it.

In the end, buying a 100 euro racket today and a 150/200 one in a year involves an identical expense to an Adidas Metalbone today.

If you are looking for a good beginner racket oi best models on the market, you can read our guides.

Padel shoes


Another element that we highly recommend, are good shoes specially designed for padel.

Sure, you can always use the running or gym shoes you already have at home, but the padel ones actually give better comfort and grip on the terrain.

In short, better to spend a little bit but get a good model, also because the padel tests the shoe a lot and unsuitable ones can break easily.

On which model to choose, we have no advice to give you. Every foot is different, so you need to know what yours likes.

What we can give you though, are articles with the best padel men's shoes, woman, Nike, Joma, Asics And Adidas.

We hope that, among this wide choice, you will be able to find the perfect footwear for your needs.

Padel suit

padel man suit

The padel suit is a more or less useful detail in the outfit, as there is no real and palpable difference between a generic suit and one designed for this sport.

Sure, there are garments with padel spellings and brands that specialize in this sport, but the substance doesn't change.

A polyester shirt for padel is the same as for football or the gym, so it's up to you to decide whether to buy it or not.

If you already have a lot of clothes suitable for sports, then you can forget it, but if your wardrobe is empty, then it's better to aim for quality products.

Whether you need it to play or just out of curiosity, we leave you our guides to men's padel clothing and from woman.

Bags, backpacks and other accessories

Finally, it is good to spend a few words on the other accessories for the padel which may or may not be useful depending on the case.

The purse or backpack from padel they are first on the list and we at Racchettiamo consider them quite useful.

This is for the simple fact that they help organize spaces, preventing the racket from getting scratched or the shoes ending up on the clean clothes.

Having all the padel equipment in one place, always ready for action, is a great convenience. If you are looking for i best accessories padelyou can find them in this guide.

In addition to this you will need some balls (it would be hard to play without) and maybe hat or sunglasses.

Everything else is to be considered superfluous and whether you buy it or not depends only on your needs and your budget.


This is all the padel equipment you may need, we hope we have been helpful for your final choice.

Whatever product ends up in your basket, we always recommend that it is of excellent quality, otherwise you will end up spending your money over and over again.

Poor quality stuff breaks down quickly, feels bad, causes bad experiences and makes little sense to buy, so leave it on the shelves and always aim for well made products.