Let's talk today about the Dunlop Blitz Elite, a racquet that really has everything you need for the most demanding padel lovers but remains in a limited budget, as we will see in this review.

Very often we tend to place this brand a step below the classic tops like Wilson or Head, but we must admit that some of its products have very little to envy to the competition.

In this article we will review the Dunlop Blitz Elite in detail, trying to understand what his target customers and strengths are.

In the end, you will be able to decide whether or not this shovel is right for you based on your needs and style of play, so let's not go any further and get into the fray.

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dunlop blitz elite review

Dunlop Blitz Elite Review

As you can easily see in our reviews in case you are an avid Racchettiamo reader, you have surely noticed how we tend to prioritize three main aspects. First we focus on the materials from which it is made, and then move on to the shape up to its behavior in the field.

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  • Excellent quality product
  • Product made of durable and resistant material
  • Modern design

The materials

The materials of this Dunlop Blitz Elite are one of the elements that struck us right from the start in our review, as they are really high quality.

First we find a 38mm carbon frame which gives excellent rigidity to the body and impressive durability over time.

The surface is in fiberglass like most models and, in addition, comes with a roughness that is made to maximize the ability to generate effects.

The inner material is EVA Pro rubber, slightly higher than the average of the other racquets that settle around this price.



The shape of this racket is round (here the advantages) in principle but, if you go to see the indications of the company, we find it referred to as hybrid.

As you can see once you hold it in your hand, in fact it is not like the other roundabouts we are used to.

Towards the lower area it tends to close a little, going to resume the traits of the drip ones albeit remaining fundamentally devoted to control.

Whether this little trick has any real influence on his behavior on the pitch is difficult to say, but we can find some answers for ourselves after the first few shots.

All these details (like the Pro rubber and this particular shape) make it clear that we are not faced with the classic first price, but a racket designed for intermediates.


How it goes on the pitch

As we said a few lines above, the soul of this racquet has been designed to have maximum control of the stroke, which you can see right away.

As soon as the blades start to be sent back to the other side, it is easy to realize that they tend to obediently follow our directions, without going wild.

To help a lot this type of game then thinks about it wrinkled surface, thanks to which it is possible to give a truly incredible effect to the ball.

We were pleasantly surprised by this factor because, in this price range, finding a competitor that offers so much is really difficult.

Finally, the hybrid form should be mentioned, which seems to bear fruit in the phase of powerful shot with an exit of the ball not to be underestimated.

Generating speed and picking up the pace with the Dunlop Blitz Elite is (a little) easier than other round racquets, but it didn't make us scream miracle under review.

  • Excellent quality product
  • Product made of durable and resistant material
  • Modern design

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The Dunlop Blitz Elite is a truly complete product that knows how to satisfy all lovers of reasoned and tactical play, with particular attention to the ball effect.

Obviously for those looking for power we recommend other products, but if that's not a key factor then this shovel has very few rivals in the same price range.

I hope I've helped you figure out if this is the right racket for you or not, at Racchettiamo we want every player to have the perfect product.

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