Clothing and equipment in padel are key elements for success in the field, for this reason you cannot rely on just any bradn.

It is necessary to carefully choose what best suits our style and the needs we have, perhaps even keeping an eye on the price and relating everything to our technical level.

In this article we will see together the best purchasable equipment divided by game levels, in order to offer a valid set for any player.

If you don't want to wait any longer, then let's run to the locker room to get dressed!

The Importance of Padel Clothing

padel clothing

padel clothing is truly essential for any player because it is what really makes the difference in long, difficult matches that lead to the athlete having to spend many hours on the field.

To this it must be added that, bad equipment could cause injuries and physical problems of various kinds in the long run that could compromise the experience.

Always better to choose products that are in line with the level of play and economic possibilities, without however aiming at a maniacal saving that very often involves buying objects of dubious or no quality.

Whether you are a beginner or an established champion, below you will find everything you need during your sports career, without exception.

I will also include links here and there to other items that offer more choice on specific brands, to ensure you find the best padel apparel available today.


Best Shoes

padel men's shoes

Below we will see 3 padel shoes that can be considered the best for the respective user group.


Asics Gel Padel Pro

These shoes they are designed for beginners, but that does not mean that they sin in quality or have any weaknesses.

By purchasing them you will ensure the best quality / price ratio for the beginner range, but you will certainly be satisfied with the fit and performance on the field.

If you are interested in the Asics brand, you will find one here selection of the best Asics shoes available.

ASICS Gel-Padel PRO 5, Sneaker ...
  • TRUSSTIC SYSTEM technology midsole
  • GEL technology
  • Flexibility and comfort
ASICS Gel-Padel PRO 5, Men's...
  • TRUSSTIC SYSTEM technology midsole
  • GEL technology
  • Flexibility and comfort



Wilson KaosComp

Wilson is a brand that leaves very little room for doubt with its decades of experience in the sector and a reputation that needs no introduction.

These shoes are positioned on an intermediate level in both price and quality, providing that extra something that is missing at an early price like the Asics, but without having the ambition to appear at the feet of a professional.

Generally one of the most balanced options found in stores.

Wilson Women's tennis shoes,...
  • Model: Kaos Komp W
  • Comfortable shoes
  • Excellent shoe for tennis players



Babolat Jet Premura/Rhythm

The Babolats are the top of the top available on the market today and they will truly offer everything a player could want from a shoe.

Of course, as a top of the range the price moves hand in hand, but once at the foot the initial expense is forgotten in favor of a convenience that accompanies the player even during the longest games.

If you are interested in the brand, you will find one here selection of the best Babolat shoes available.

If you don't like compromises then you have definitely found the right product for you!

  • padel shoe
  • Upper: Synthetic;Mesh
  • lining: Textil

In case you want to consult more options, in this article you will find them 10 best padel shoes available.


Best Rackets

padel dunlop racket

The racket is truly the most important tool of all because, in addition to giving us the opportunity to deliver or respond to blows, if not adequate it can lead to injuries such as epicondylitis.

If you want to know which racquets are the best against this problem, find a detailed list in this article.



Adidas X-Treme LTD racket

One of the rackets that we in the editorial team love and recommend whenever the opportunity arises, as it is truly one of the best options for anyone entering the sport.

In addition to having a really sublime quality / price ratio, thanks to its versatility and constructive goodness, it is able to accompany the player even during a more advanced phase of learning.

If you are interested in the brand, you will find one here selection of the best Adidas rackets available.

Highly recommended for all beginners, without exclusions.

Adidas - Padel racket, mod ....
  • Adidas racquet with a large sweet spot, control and excellent exit of the ...
  • Round format, with a low balance that offers great control. Design...
  • Rough surface, which maximizes the effect of the ball on hitting. Technology...



Shovel padel Head Graphene 360 Alpha Pro

Head has always been a top brand and, with the Alpha Pro, he has really produced a little jewel that deserves to be challenged by all padel players.

This model skilfully combines power and control, becoming lethal in the hands of all players who know how to tread the field.

If you've been in the sport for a while, then this racket has your name written on it.

If you are interested in the brand here you will find one selection of the best Head rackets available.



padel VARLION Bourne Carbon Racket

The Valiron is truly a "beast" that is difficult to tame and on the field he lashes deadly blows that don't really leave the opponent's way out ... Provided you know how to manage it.

Like any pro tool, this racquet certainly cannot be described as kind to beginners, leaving little if any room for errors and inaccuracies.

For all experienced users it's a godsend, but for others it could turn into a nightmare.

VARLION - Paddle racket...
  • The power that professionals need: our padel racket...
  • Technical characteristics: diamond SHAPE, a medium-high balance wheel, medium rubber...
  • SCLICE Technology, Evolution in your stroke: SLICE technology was designed...


Best Balls

padel balls

The balls are always too few when playing because, especially if you are a beginner, it happens to throw some in places so remote that they are lost forever.

To this it must be added that, in the long run, they lose their tension and need to be changed, for this reason we will go to see the best packages available.

HEAD 3X4B Radical

This value pack from Head offers 12 balls at an absolutely advantageous price, difficult to miss under these conditions.

In online stores it is hard to find an equally good quality / price ratio.

HEAD Radical tennis balls,...
  • Tripack with three tubes of four balls
  • A durable, full-performance pressurised tennis ball
  • Suitable for all court surfaces


Dunlop PRO Padel Ball (Pack 3 x 3)

Turning to some balls of superior qualityDunlop PROs that will be able to give great sensations on the field must certainly be put on the list.

If you are looking for balls with an always impeccable response, then they are definitely for you.

Dunlop Palla PRO Padel (Pack 3 x 3)
  • Exclusive high performance core with superior strength for maximum ...
  • Ideal ball for competitions, championship and training.
  • Set of 3 jars.


Head Pro S Box of 24 Padel Balls

For all masters or for those who send the ball into hyperspace every shotthen this pack of 24 balls is the right answer.

If you need a lot of spare parts or give lessons where you can't pause every minute to collect them, then this is the ideal solution.

HEAD Pro S Scatola 24 Palline...
  • Palline ad alte prestazioni: con un nucleo in gomma che migliora il controllo e la...
  • Durata e resistenza: con un rivestimento in feltro sintetico che resiste all'usura.
  • Ideale per condizioni meteorologiche difficili: si comporta eccezionalmente bene in...

If this selection is not enough for you, in this article you will find all the best balls on the market.

Best Padel Bags

bag padel wilson

Once the equipment is complete, you need to have a good bag in which to carry it to avoid losing items and always have everything in the right place.

Obviously the bags, in the world of padel clothing, are not a determining factor and it is therefore difficult to say which is the best.

However, below we will try to see the most advantageous offers available on the market.


Bullpadel X-Series carbon

Really interesting color and style, the Bullpadel offers the player a safe and comfortable space to store all his accessories before and after the game.

A first price that is really tempting.

Bullpadel Serie X 461176 OFP
  • Ampio spazio centrale con cerniera per lo stoccaggio principale.
  • Scomparto specializzato per la racchetta da paddle tennis, che ne garantisce la...
  • Tasca aggiuntiva per la sicurezza dei piccoli oggetti.


Wilson padel Rak Pak Bag

Changing brands we find this beautiful Wilson that offers enough space to accommodate up to 6 racquets and with a design that catches the eye from the first glance.

For those who want to get a single-brand set or succumb to the charm of this bag.

Wilson , Rak Pak Padel Bag For...
  • Made of high quality durable material
  • Ergonomic design
  • Durable carrying system, usable without difficulty


HEAD Elite Super Combi

Finally, it is also right to consider the Head brand, which is really difficult to exclude from any ranking that includes quality products for the padel..

With more sober colors but with an indisputable elegance.

Head Elite Padel Supercombi,...
  • Lightweight, sturdy and practical
  • 2 compartments
  • Adjustable straps

If that's not enough, here you will find the selection of best bags according to Racchettiamo.


Best Padel Backpacks

padel ball pressurizer

Finally, it is right to reserve a space also for backpacks for the padel which, given the small size and the slightly lower price, go well with those looking for something not very demanding for sports.

Carrying around a padel bag could be uncomfortable if not impossible if you go around town with a motorcycle, but the backpack can be the perfect compromise.

Here, too, it is really difficult to elect a better or a worse one, so we will just include those who impressed us.

BULLPADEL Hack backpack

For this model it takes very little to understand what its main feature is, with this feeling of solidity and sportiness that it conveys at first glance.

As a padel apparel, this backpack is definitely a first choice and its price is great.

Bullpadel Backpack BPM-22001 Hack
  • Protezione garantita: scomparto per racchette a controllo termico.
  • Varietà di scomparti: spazio separato per scarpe e vestiti e tasca laterale.
  • Facile trasporto: diversi modi per trasportarlo, adattabile come zaino o borsa.


Siux shoulder bag

This shoulder bag comes in a package that also includes a spare grip for the racket and a transparent protection, giving a very advantageous value for money.

The line is certainly not as flashy as that of Bullpadel, but for those who do not like to get noticed it goes perfectly.

Siux Shoulder Strap + Overgrip +...
  • ✅ RED SIUX BANDOLERA Thanks to the Siux shoulder strap it will be much more comfortable...
  • ✅ TRANSPARENT VISION PROTECTION INCLUDED Protect your padel racket from...



Wilson is a brand that we really appreciate very much as for padel clothing and more and this backpack has managed to bewitch us with its really beautiful, lively but also sober line at the same time.

If we were to give a prize to aesthetics, this backpack would certainly rise to the top step of the podium.

Wilson TEAM BACKPACK, 2 Rackets, ...
  • Wilson Tennis backpack with zippered rear compartment for one of 2 rackets
  • Large main compartment for equipment, clothing and shoes, 2 side pockets ...
  • Front pocket with zipper for accessories, Padded shoulder strap for optimal comfort, ...

If that's not enough, here you will find the selection of best backpacks according to Racchettiamo.


You are now dressed from head to toe and ready to hit the court with the best padel clothing available, try to enjoy the gaming experience with your friends.

I hope I was helpful with this article, letting you find everything you needed at the right price, maybe even finding some offers you missed.

Don't miss all the news from Racchettiamo and stay up to date on everything that the world of padel and the market connected to it have to offer, we will be here with the best advice.