We are sure that even the fairer sex has a large group of lovers of this sport, for this they will need a padel women's clothing.

At Racchettiamo we can't let our fans go to games in their underwear, an adequate set is essential for success.

For this reason we have put together all those garments and accessories that cannot be missing, always paying attention to the quality / price ratio.

If you are looking for suitable equipment but don't know what to choose, then this is definitely the article for you.

At this link instead, you will find the best padel rackets of 2022!

padel women's clothing

Best Women's Padel Clothing

Let's see together all the garments and accessories you need or can serve you to play in absolute comfort.

In this article you will find the best accessories for the padel.

Icyzone Pant Skirt

Let's start with the plus classic of clothes for playing tennis / padel for women, that is, the one with the skirt and shorts to wear underneath.

If all the greatest tennis players in the world use it, the reason is there and it is the sponsor (obviously) but also the comfort.

Freedom of movement is maximum and sweat is minimal, ideal for spring / summer and with a truly professional style.

icyzone Women's Tennis Skirt Pants
  • √icyzone 2 in 1 women's tennis skirts - (the short is separate) The integrated shorts ...
  • √The integrated shorts with two pockets can be used to store ...
  • √This women's sport skirt is elastic and slim fit, offering comfort ...

Zena t-shirt + skirt

Since there are not many valid women's suits, we at Racchettiamo took care of creating winning combinations.

Here we have put together one of the best women's padel t-shirts on the market, with a classic skirt with shorts.

Available in multiple colors, it goes perfectly with all situations thanks to the polyester materials and a unique style.

ZENA Woman Padel T-Shirt, ...
4 Reviews
ZENA Woman Padel T-Shirt, ...
  • ✅ PADEL CLOTHING. padel woman t-shirt in solid color, fluorescent colors, with ...
  • ✅ FEATURES. Short sleeve paddle tennis shirt with lower panels on the ...
  • ✅ WASHING TIPS. Wash inside out by hand or machine wash in lukewarm water ...

Tofox Women 2 in 1 Sports Skirt ...
  • Material: Made of high quality fabric, soft and comfortable to wear.
  • Garment Care: Hand wash or dry clean, do not immerse the mini dress in ...
  • Occasions: This women skirt is perfect for party wear. Cocktail, bar, ...

Tank top + shorts

Moving on to something a little simpler but also cheap, we took one of the tank tops and shorts with the best quality / price ratio.

A really simple set that does not have great stylistic ambitions, but which aims at substance and comfort.

The shorts unfortunately have no pockets, but you can always pair the tank top with some other element from this article.

Head EASY COURT Tank Top Women
  • Crewneck construction
  • Decorative seams in the center front
  • Back rowing machine

Joma Ibiza Women's Shorts, ...
  • Shorts micorfiber 100% Polyester
  • Sports shorts for basketball, volleyball, football,
  • Basketball, Volleyball, Handball, Rugby etc ...

Barcelona Padel Tour sweatshirt

Moving on to something for the colder days, this one sweatshirt of Barcelona Padel Tour really makes a great impression.

With a fairly tight fit and really beautiful style (if that's your thing), as well as demonstrating a love for the sport.

The Barcelona Padel Tour is one of the most important padelistici events in the world, so it's easy to see why this sweatshirt is interesting.

JULY'S SONG Women's Sportswear

Turning now to a complete women's clothing suitable also for the padel, we find this economic and functional set.

Here you find one sweatshirt, tight shorts, a sports bra, a t-shirt and long leggings.

Ideal for covering most climatic situations in one go, it is a truly unmissable offer.

JULY'S SONG 5 Pieces Complete ...
  • ❀ 【Upgraded Version】 5 Piece Training Clothes Set - Coat, ...
  • ❀ 【Material】 77% polyester + 23% spandex, women's sports suit: the fabric is ...
  • ❀ 【Dimensions】 Size S≈IT36, EU 30, UK4; Size M ≈IT38, EU 32, UK6; Cut it...

Adidas Visor A / Head hat

On sunny days you need to protect your eyes, otherwise you can literally lose the game just by some blinding ray at the wrong time.

An optimal solution is to take a visor or a cap, it all depends on your specific needs.

Surely a woman with voluminous hair will find greater comfort in the visor, otherwise the hat is also fine.

adidas Visor A.Rdy Visor, Unisex ...
  • Dobby 90% recycled polyester / 10% elastane
  • Soft to the touch
  • Breathable visor for sunny days

HEAD Promotion cap, Unisex Cap ...
  • Made of cotton material
  • Holes on the fabric for maximum breathability
  • Adjustable closure on the back

Julbo Aerolite

The hat is really good in many situations, but it certainly cannot work miracles and needs to be supported by good glasses.

On this gadget you need to be careful, too low an expense can lead to glasses that spoil your eyesight, but too high one might make little sense.

This is why we have chosen an effective middle ground that guarantees the right quality at an honest price, a balance that is difficult to find.

Julbo AEROLITE, Sunglasses ...
  • Protection category 3 polycarbonate glass
  • Panoramic view: large surface area of lenses for a maximum field of view.
  • Air Link Temple System: This elastomer shock absorber insert installed at the ...

Puma socks

Finally we can only conclude with gods good socks, which avoid sweating too much and blistering.

Socks are a small detail, but they can mean the difference between a good match and a real nightmare.

Sure, the main culprits for blisters and discomfort are shoes, but socks can still lend a hand in this regard.

Puma Sportsocken Cush Crew 6P ...
  • Soft cotton for optimum comfort
  • Shaped heel for an excellent fit
  • Cushioned insole to prevent slipping

Padel Shoes Woman

nike padel men's shoes

Now that we've gotten this far, it's time to go and see some shoes that can complement the clothing needed to play.

However, since we have already written an article with the best padel shoes for women, we leave you the link so that you can consult it. Enjoy the reading!

If, on the other hand, you are looking for bags or of padel backpacks, these other articles are just for you!


Now you can build your own padel women's clothing complete set, choose carefully all the pieces you need.

We really love the stuff from Zena and the Barcelona Padel Tour, as they are the garments that really are created for padel.

Obviously each of those in this article is fine, ours is just a pure stylistic preference.