You want to know where your favorite players are in the padel ranking international? Don't have a clue how points are awarded?

Don't worry, in this article we intend to answer all your doubts about it and help you understand every detail.

The overall standings for this sport may seem a bit complicated at first but once you understand the dynamics, it's really simple.

Let's not waste any more time and let's go to the discovery of this great little way, vamos!

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How to Know Padel Ranking?


Let's start by saying that, if you are interested in knowing what the current padel ranking is, just go and see it on the official website.

If you don't know what it is, don't worry, you can see the male and female padel rankings on the World Padel Tour linked here.

How does the padel ranking work? Simple, each time you finish a tournament in a certain position, you add up the points that that position gives.

The period of validity is 12 months, that is, until that tournament is replayed and the score reset.

To explain it with a practical example, if hypothetically winning a tournament gives 100 points, going out to the quarters will give 70 points and the first round zero.

You take all tournaments played by that person in the last 12 months, add up the points data from the elimination phase reached and you have obtained the score.

When the player replays the tournament, the scores and the ranking are updated. If he doesn't play he gets zero. The most important tournaments give more points.

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How to enter the FIT Padel ranking?

padel score

You are a player and you want to join the Italian ranking of padelisti? Nothing could be easier, just a couple of tricks.

The first is to make a padel competitive card, to which you enroll in the register of professional players.

Actually you could also play and then make the tile, as just communicate the placement in a particular tournament to have the points recognized.

Once this is done, just play! Each tournament recognized by the FIT gives a score (proportional to its importance), so all you have to do is participate.

How to register for a Padel Tournament?

padel world championships

If you want to participate in a padel tournament, from 2022 the only way to register is to go to the FIT website.

First you have to register on the site, a fairly simple practice that takes a few minutes and you can do it from official page.

Once this is done, all that remains is look for the tournament in the time frame and in the area of interest, then use the site interface to complete the operation.

All tournaments are available on the page of search for tournaments, where you can set the filters and proceed with the subscription.


Now you know how the WPT ranking works and, in case you want to get into competition, also how to participate in a tournament.

If you love padel, entering the national ranking could be a great satisfaction as well as a source of pride.

Obviously there are a lot of very aggressive players but, at least for the moment, it has not yet become such a popular sport as to make it an impossible feat.