Are you looking for fields padel Turin? Surely this sport is expanding in all the main cities and in the Italian suburbs, so Turin is certainly no less.

This has brought great advantages to us players, being that now we don't all have to crowd into that single available field within a radius of kilometres.

However, if you were wondering where to find good courses in this city, then allow us to give you a hand by listing the best ones.

We'll provide you with site links, contact details and a quick overview of what the center has to offer, so you can be sure you'll find what you need.

Best fields Padel Turin

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A bit surprisingly, we found dozens of sports facilities for padel in Turin, unlike what we saw in Florence, which made us very pleased.

Here we will insert the main ones, updating the list if we see that this article will be very useful for our readers.



One of the main padel centers in Tornino is the Ruffini, located very close to the center in Via S Paolo, 160, 10141 Torino TO.

It has 6 covered padel fields ideal for all seasons, plus two outdoors for sunny but not too hot days.

You can contact him by calling on the number 011 385 0143, writing an email to, or via the website.

Surely one of the most comfortable centers for those who live in the center and also one of the best organized ones.


DLF Sports Club

Located very close to the Ruffini, it is a sports club that has, among other things, padel pitches.

You can find it in  Corso Carlo e Nello Rosselli, 153, 10141 Turin TO, where the 2 covered and one uncovered padel courts are located.

To contact them you can call the numbers 011-3352452 334-2512135, or write an email to

In any case, if you are looking for more information, you can connect directly with their website.


Robilant Sports Center

Even if you can actually find padel fields here, it's not really a sports center where you can go play with friends.

Here you can find courses in padel (and many other sports), for people of all ages and at almost any time and day of the week.

It is located in di Robilant Carlo Generale, 16, 10141 Torino TO and you can contact them on the number 011 385 0763.

Alternatively, you can link directly to their website for more information, find it at this link.


Padel Country Club Turin

Center which is located in Corso Moncalieri 346 /15A, Turin, Italy, but on which we do not have much information due to a non-functioning website.

You can still contact him via this phone number +39 335 634 6859, or by writing an email to

Alternatively you can use theirs Facebook page, which is rarely used but still active.

Padel Maffei

A small padel center in Turin located in Via Spoleto, 9, 10143 Turin TO, just beyond Parco Dora.

Here you can find 3 padel courses, all uncovered but still very well maintained and a pleasure to play on.

You can contact this center by calling + 39 351 667 4681, or by email at

Alternatively you can also go to theirs website to find all the information you may need.


Padel Maniak Stones

Center on which we don't have much information since it has no website and a Facebook page that doesn't help much.

Located in Via Friedrich Nietzsche, 155, Turin, Italy, available at the number 380 7723817 or by email

You can also take a look at the Facebook pagealthough very confusing.

We'll stop here for now, having listed the main places to play padel in Turin, but we'll extend the list over time.

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We hope we have helped you find the padel center in Turin that is perfect for your needs or, at least, the best possible compromise.

With the popularity of this sport, it won't be long before bigger and better equipped centers are born for everyone.

We will always remain vigilant trying to update you on any news, so keep following our blog!