Are you looking for fields padel Rome? In such a big city there are certainly a lot of them, but maybe you don't even know they exist.

Perhaps you have one within walking distance of your home, with some of your acquaintances going to play every day, but the news hasn't reached you yet.

Maybe you're just fed up with paying too much or getting a service that isn't right for your current field, so you're looking for alternative solutions.

If these or other questions have landed you on our page, then you'll be glued to your screen that we have quite a bit of information to give you.

Best Padel Camps Rome

padel Rome

These are just some of the best padel fields covered Rome And circles padel Rome that can be found in the Italian capital.


Bola Padel Club

First on the list is the Bola Padel Club, which is located in via Luigi Perna 26 and is also one of the largest ever.

All in all, the area is quite central if we consider the total extension of the city, located in the southern area.

The club has 11 courts, 2 of which are covered and a relaxing setting in the greenery that helps to forget the chaos of the city.

To book you must be a member of the club, so it's not a place to play occasionally (unless you have member friends).


Sportcitylife Rome

The Sportcitylife it is a sports center that goes far beyond just padel or racket sports in general, also welcoming fields for five-a-side football, basketball, soccer and other occasional activities.

The area is more or less the same as the Bola Padel Club, with the two being just about ten minutes by car from each other.

Here you can find 8 padel courts in total, of which 5 are external and 3 internalwhich makes it perfect for all seasons.

The cost of 90 minutes of booking is 40 euros, with excellent ancillary changing room and bar services that help make the place welcoming.


Just Padel

The circle Just Padel it is one of the most modern in the area, with real gems for anyone who decides to come and play here.

It is located in the Tiber area, more precisely in the Olympic Village, therefore diametrically opposite to those just seen a moment ago.

Here you can find 8 padel courts, 5 of which are outdoor and 3 are heated/cold indoor, which means playing in ideal conditions in January and August.

One of these outdoor courts is a golf course padel single, which is ideal for those who want to play in 1 v 1 (very rare possibility at the moment).


Shovel Loca

Returning towards the centre/south, we find the Pala Loca Padel Club, one expressly and solely dedicated to the padel.

There are 6 fields (all outdoors and not covered) which are quite recent and in excellent condition, therefore absolutely pleasant to play.

This club has a mobile app through which you can book your sessions, so everything is convenient and automatic.

Associated with several big names in padel, there is also a section on the site dedicated to the many padel courses they offer.


Padel Colli Portuensi

Moving a little further west (while remaining in the southern part of Rome), we find the centre Padel Colli Portuensi.

Unfortunately we don't have much information regarding this center, as they don't even have a website but they use the Facebook page for traffic.

Definitely not one of the newest or most prestigious but, if you live in the area, it could be useful.


Aurelia Padel

In the central/western area of Rome you can find the centre Aurelia Padel, which offers a convenient solution for those in the area.

The same goes for the Colli Portuensi center here too, where there is no website but only a Facebook page for information.


Other padel centers in Rome

If these weren't enough for you, we have other centers that could be for you, even if we couldn't find much information on them.

  • Padel Collatino area – finally a center in the north-east area, something we hadn't come across yet so far.
  • Padel Club aqueduct – center located in the central/eastern area of Rome, not too far from the limit of the Gran Raccordo Anulare.
  • Queen Padel Rome – center located in the far north of the city, ideal for those who live in these areas and do not want to move.

If you want to know how to choose a padel racket, i beginner models and the characteristics of the same, you can read these articles.


These are some of the best padel centers in Rome, we are sorry we were unable to include them all but they are just too many to fit here.

If we see that this article is successful, we will undertake to update the list by completing it with a greater number of centers in the area.

We hope we have provided you with an effective solution for all your padelistic needs or at least some useful information that you did not know.