Today we talk about bandsja padel, one of those shots that any player must know how to make and try to score during a match.

This is because, when executed with the right timing and technique, it can really deliver an easy point to the player.

Using this play, you really manage to put the opponent in difficulty, to the point of often making it impossible for him to answer.

Obviously the more you level up the more the bandeja and the response to it will be of a high level but, especially for beginners or intermediate players, it can give you a lot of points.


What is Bandeja?


The bandeja shot, as the sound has probably already suggested to you, has a Spanish name that means tray.

In the eyes of a beginner, this play it might look rather like one smash classic, as the position of the body and the velocity of the ball are similar.

The truth is that there are subtle differences between the two, starting with the height at which you impact the ball.

In the smash, you try to hit it when it is as high as possible, to generate a strong descent speed and a high rebound.

In the bandeja instead, the impact takes place closer to the body and the aim is not to generate a strong rebound, but rather a precise result.

We will go into detail about this in the next chapter but, for now, we can say that the bandeja aims to give a very specific direction, while the smash can be done anywhere.

You did not understand? Don't worry, it's perfectly normal to be a little lost, but you'll be able to have clearer ideas very soon.

In the smash the important thing is to hit hard and quickly, putting the opponent in difficulty due to the speed of the ball while, in the bandeja, there are rules to be respected to define it as such.


How to do the Bandeja Padel?

bandsja padel

So what the hell is special about this bandeja? Simple, the ball must impact 3 precise points during its run to be called such.

Once hit, the ball must go towards the farthest area of the rectangle adjacent to the net present in field opponent.

From here, it must then go to impact on side glass but in a point very close to the corner, in such a way that it bounces immediately after also on the bottom glass.

If executed well, the ball will eventually run out near the center of the opponent's field, scoring a point for the player who performed it or being hit by one of the opponents.

As you can see, this blow has many elements that can put the pair of players who suffer it in serious difficulty.

The first shot is dry and fast, then followed by the double bounce on the back wall (very difficult for beginners to follow) and the return towards the center of the field which, if you don't have a good position and understanding with your partner, you tend to leave unguarded.

In short, a whole series of elements that can really upset the players beginners, intermediate and even the professionals if done right.


When to use the Bandeja?

padel single

So, sta bandeja, when should I use it to score points? Well, obviously we can't give you a definitive answer that will allow you to always score, but at least we can tell you when to use it.

The precise point of the field when a bandeja is needed is between the half and the net, but not so close that it is already the zone smash.

In particular, the bandeja must be made when the opponent responds with a lob that lands precisely in this part of the court.

If he's attached to the net then a smash is the right response, if he steps over you then you'll need to hit from the back (which depends on the case).

In short, there are specific settings that will lead you to have to play bandeja, but that doesn't mean it's always the right solution.

We want to create a guide but not a law, therefore remember that the game of padel is still a factor of instinct as well as technique.

If you feel that your opponent is in a good position to respond to your bandeja, if you find that you cannot execute it at a good enough level or if it does not create any discomfort for your opponent, then don't use it!

The technique and the various strokes are an important factor to know, but creating a robot of the padel would not make sense.

Success can only be achieved by associating unpredictability and cunning with your padel, otherwise it's all useless.

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The bandeja is one of the most useful and effective shots in padel, so train to take it up to a level that is high enough for you to score some points.

You will never win a tournament playing only bandeja nor will you be able to dominate opponents if you can only do this stroke but, put in a wider context, it will be very useful for you.

If you then become a true master of this technique, we will be happy to know that we have given you the right starting point to perfect it.