Hi! Today we are going to discover together the three racquets in the series Babolat Vertuo. I will be here to review them and explain who they are ideal for. If you are a tennis enthusiast looking for a superior quality racquet, you are in the right place! I'm excited to share with you the features and performance of these amazing racquets. So, without further ado, let's dive into the world of Babolat's Vertuo series and find out which racket might be the perfect one for you.

Babolat Vertuo: Who is it Suitable for?

babolat vertuo

Babolat, a renowned name in the world of padel, offers a wide range of rackets suitable for different types of players. Among them, we find the Vertuo serieswhich is positioned as the top end of the Babolat collection. Despite its more affordable price, the Vertuo series does not sacrifice quality or performance.

But before diving into the details of this series, it is worth mentioning that Babolat offers two other racquet lines, the Viper And the Veron. The Viper series is designed for level players advanced and professionals who seek maximum precision and power. The Veron, on the other hand, is ideal for players intermediates and semi-professionals who want a versatile and balanced racquet.

Returning to the Vertuo series, we are faced with an interesting proposition. Despite being considered the first Babolat band, the Vertuo series offers a winning combination of quality materials and advanced technology. This means that even players wanting a more economical racquet will not have to give up excellent performance on the court.

The Vertuo series is designed to provide a pleasant and efficient gaming experience. With a focus on maneuverability and control, these racquets are suitable for a wide range of players, from beginners to recreational players looking to improve their skills.

Despite their more affordable price, Vertuo series racquets maintain the reliability and durability you would expect from a brand like Babolat. High-quality materials and careful workmanship ensure that these rackets can withstand wear and tear and offer consistent performance over time.


Babolat TechnicalVertuo

babolat vertuo

There Babolat TechnicalVertuorecognisable by its iconic red colourrepresents the line designed for those seeking maximum power and wishing to play aggressively. This racquet is designed to provide powerful and fast blowsallowing players to display a dominant and aggressive style of play on the court.

However, it is important to emphasise that the Babolat Technical Vertuo may not be the ideal choice for the beginners. This racket requires good technique and stroke control, as is not particularly lenient against accuracy errors. Its reactive nature can make it difficult for beginners to maintain control during play.

If, however, you are confident in your abilities and you are able to give 'you' to the shovel, the Babolat Technical Vertuo can be an excellent choice. It offers excellent value for money, allowing you to get a quality racket without having to spend a fortune.

However, if you are still uncertain or unsure of your technical skills, it might be wiser to consider the other two racquets in Babolat's Vertuo series. Below, we will further explore these alternatives and their specific features. Always remember to choose a racquet that suits your needs and experience level to maximise your playing pleasure and achieve optimal performance.

Babolat - Paddle racket...
  • For technical shots: The expert player wants to have everything under control and uses...
  • Vibrabsorb System: the SMAC system offers better vibration absorption...
  • Black EVA: This elastic foam offers the player maximum power and comfort...


Babolat Air Vertuo

babolat vertuo

There Babolat Air Vertuowith its characteristic blue colour, is a racquet that features a diamond shape and is characterised by its considerable power. However, compared to the Babolat Technical Vertuo, the Air Vertuo is slightly lighter, offering a increased manoeuvrability and ease of movement during the game.

This racket is designed for players who enjoy a more aerial approach to the game, preferring powerful blows and explosive smashes. Its diamond shape favours a greater concentration of mass in the upper part of the racquet, offering more power in attack balls and offensive strokes.

The Babolat Air Vertuo represents an excellent combination of power and manageability. If you are a player looking for a lightweight racket that allows you to hit hard and perform fast and precise movements on the court, then you have found your ideal partner.

However, it is important to note that there is no prototype ideal player for the Babolat Air Vertuo. Whether you are an aggressive player who prefers powerful strokes, a player who likes to exploit maneuverability and speed, or someone who wants a mix of both, this racquet can suit your needs.



Babolat Counter Vertuo

babolat vertuo

There Babolat Counter Vertuowith its unmistakable yellow colour, is a racquet that features a hexagonal shape, specially designed to offer enhanced maneuverability and docility. This feature allows players to make quick and precise movements on the court, facilitating ball control and game management.

The Babolat Counter Vertuo is designed primarily for the players who are at the beginning of their experience in the padel or who like a more technical and reasoned approach to the game. This racquet is not particularly powerful like the Babolat Technical Vertuo or the Babolat Air Vertuo, but stands out for its versatility and adaptability to different playing situations.

The racquet's characteristic hexagonal shape is designed to offer an alternative to traditional round paddleswhile maintaining superior handling and docility. This peculiarity makes it possible to make the most of playing strategies that aim to make the opponent run across the court, taking advantage of precise and placed shots.

The Babolat Counter Vertuo is a racquet that suits all players, regardless of their level of experience. It is particularly well suited for those wishing to develop a technical and reasoned game, based on well-placed strokes and tactical strategies. Thanks to its versatility, this racket allows easy adaptation to different playing styles and situations on the court.



The Vertuo series offers a variety of options to meet the different needs of tennis players. With the Technical Vertuo, Air Vertuo and Counter Veron rackets, the brand has created a complete range that suits a wide range of playing styles and skill levels.

No matter what choice you make, you can count on the quality and reliability of Babolat products. With the Vertuo series, it continues to offer high quality rackets that can improve your game and deliver exceptional performance on the tennis court