If we think of Adidas padel, we are practically referring to one of the sacred monsters of the industry, which churns out incredible products every year.

Among all, we can say that there are very few other manufacturers that have a vast and qualitatively high catalog like Adidas.

in all this, however, it is easy to get lost in search of something that is the right compromise between quality and price.

For this reason, we at Racchettiamo, have decided to create a small guide to Adidas padel products, we hope it will be useful to you.

Adidas Padel Rackets

adidas metalbone

Let's start with Adidas padel rackets, which is the main tool that a player cannot really ignore having.

Well, Adidas really has a very large selection of products, ranging from beginner (therefore cheap) to extremely advanced (and therefore expensive).

Only some of its models, however, have a truly sublime value for money and, one of them, is the Essnova Carbon Ctrl.

Adidas Essnova Carbon Ctrl 3.1...
  • Adidas Essnova Carbon CTRL 3.1 Racchetta da paddle blu

This racket has an average price, it can easily accompany the padel player for a lifetime (intended as a life of the racket) and it is difficult to find fault with it.

Of course, climbing the ladder a bit we come to models like theAdidas Adipower, that is one of the most popular ranges and among players.

They are rackets devoted to control, with a very high level but with some mid-range versions that really do a certain gluttony.

Finally, how can we not talk about ours favorite racket, that is the Adidas Metalbone which we have extensively reviewed in our article.

Adidas, Metalbone 3.1, Tennis Racket...
  • Technical category: Diamond
  • User: Advanced
  • Weight: 345-360 (0+12) G

Simply the best (but here it is subjective) padel racket on the market today, which proudly bears the Adidas brand.

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Adidas Padel Shoes


A second point that is very important to us as to millions of players is the padel shoes, as they can really make a difference in the field.

Well Adidas also excels in this area, with some of the best and most comfortable around.

Obviously shoes are totally subjective, as it changes from foot to foot and for two people the comfort could be inherent in opposite factors.

We can speak from personal experience and that of millions of users saying that the Adidas models are really excellent.

No one would remain at the top in such a competitive sector if it did not have excellent quality. Here there is no room for fashion, only for substance.

It must be said that, to be honest, Adidas does not produce shoes specifically designed for the padel but, since the difference is minimal, we take into consideration the tennis shoes.

Between these, the model we like most is the Barricade, with a very balanced price and that adapts to any playing field.

adidas Barricade M Clay, Sneakers ...
  • Bounce midsole
  • Adaptable lacing system
  • Knitted upper with Adituff toe

adidas Barricade W, Sneakers ...
  • Mediasuela Bounce
  • Integrated lacing system
  • Textile upper with neoprene tongue and Adituff toe

There are actually several variations of the same, which very often differ in trifles, but the whole line is of great value.

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Adidas Padel Accessories

padel bag

Bags from padel Adidas, backpacks, hats, clothing and so on and so forth. You could really go on for hours talking about it.

On these products, apart from the fact of being of excellent quality, we do not want to overbalance ourselves too much.

We do not believe that between a Head bag and an Adidas of the same range, there is a real difference that should lead to the purchase of one or the other.

Here we are talking about pure personal tastes and, probably, about the fact that you want to get a single-brand set rather than one with ten thousand different brands.

This is purely for personal stylistic pleasure of course, since there are no real problems in the variety.

To help you in your choice, we want to leave you our articles dedicated to best padel bags out there.

Don't you like them? Then maybe you prefer the padel backpacks, much smaller and easier to carry around.

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Adidas is a brand that has been on the market for several decades and, barring unforeseen events, we believe it will stay at the top for a long time.

Looking through the catalog it is really hard to find products that don't make you want to be bought, but that's good.

The fact that the houses continue to fight incessantly for market shares, it only benefits us buyers.

The search for the best technology for the racket, the fabric that transpires or the shoes that are indestructible and comfortable, is all gold for the buyer.

For our part, we can say that a brand that has given so many opportunities to the customer for so many years is only to be applauded.