The padel accessories they are really a lot and allow you to complete the player's kit with everything you need.

However, being many and scattered in a vast market, it is not always easy to go and fish for the best in the various sectors.

We at Racchettiamo therefore want to put together the truly unmissable ones, which are a must for those who want to have everything they need.

Obviously none of them are indispensable, a racket and shoes are enough to play, but they can really come in handy in many situations.

At this link instead, you will find the best padel rackets of 2022!

Padel bags and backpacks

padel bag

Starting from those accessories that we consider most fundamental, we could only start with backpacks and bags.

If you are looking for your neighbor clothing from padel, take a look here!

Siux shoulder strap + Overgrip + Transparent protection

This is one of our favorite models in the padel aftermarket, providing a little bit of everything at a great price.

The backpack is really comfortable, able to accommodate basic equipment and the racketwhich remains well protected.

In addition to this, it also supplies 3 overgrips and a transparent protector for the shovel, completing an offer that we consider excellent.

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Siux + Overgrip + Shoulder Bag ...
46 Reviews
Siux + Overgrip + Shoulder Bag ...
  • Perfect set to protect and transport your padel racket This set is ...
  • Siux shoulder strap red Thanks to the Siux shoulder strap it will be much easier to carry ...
  • ✅ Transparent vision shield included Protects the padel racket from ...

Head Core Padel Combi

This is a fairly spacious bag, which allows you to accommodate two rackets (without case) inside.

Added to this is the place to put a spare pair of shoes, shirt, shorts, socks, balls and other small gadgets.

In general, perfect for those looking for a quality product that costs little and is also very versatile in its use.

The best padel racket bag at this link.

Head Core Padel Combi SMU (Yellow)
  • The New Core Paddle Combi has a compartment for paddle rackets and accessories ...
  • Double padded carrying handle type Backpack padel double central handle of ...

Wilson Custody

This is a very simple one padel racket case, which has no pretensions of being multipurpose, but does its job.

If you have a racket that collects dust and risks getting scratched every time, then this is the ideal solution for your needs.

It doesn't take up space, costs little and has a practical shoulder strap that allows you to carry your racket around without any problem.

You can find more in this article padel racket cases.

Wilson Racket Case
  • Made of high quality durable material
  • Ergonomic design
  • Durable carrying system, usable without difficulty

Balls, protectors and much more

padel racket tips

Now that we have seen the part of transporting and storing the racket, let's look for other possible useful padel accessories.

Antivibration padel

The vibrations of the racket can really be annoying, as they tire the arm and dirty the shots.

Eliminating them completely is difficult, especially if the racket is suited for this problem, but they can still be limited a bit.

These dampers help control vibration and to give the player a smoother and easier to handle shovel.

Find i best anti-vibration in this article.

HEAD Tennis Wristband/padel

A small detail can make a huge difference, especially when temperatures rise and perspiration washes through the body.

The cuffs are used to prevent sweat from going down the arm to the hand and are perfect for drying the forehead.

If you play in the hottest months of the year, then having this accessory can become truly indispensable.

HEAD Wristband 5”, Accessories...
  • Made of high quality 90% stretch nylon and 10% elastane
  • Perfect for trapping excess moisture
  • Keep your face dry in the field

Transparent shovel protection + sticker for padel

The racket, during the most agitated matches, can end up hitting the wall or scraping on the ground.

This leads to scratches and chipping of the head, which can then lead to structural failure in the most serious cases.

With a simple protective transparent, all these problems are avoided and you can play aggressively without fear.

padel racket protection -...
  • A padel racket protection unit with strong and resistant material,...
  • Flexible design of the protectors that adapts perfectly to the frame of the...
  • Durable thanks to the high quality rough material and adaptable to the frame of your...

padel overgrip

If you've been playing for a while, then you've already encountered the problem of losing grip on the racket and damaging the handle.

This kind of film can be replaced without problems, in fact it is removed and put on like a simple adhesive tape.

When you find your grip in tatters then it's time to change it with a quality model and that guarantees you a firm grip.

Here you will find others overgrip of the highest quality and how to apply it.

Head Sanyo Pro Grip
  • With the grip tape of the legendary Sanyo Gutiérrez, you can expect a sensation...
  • Easy to use
  • Excellent quality product

padel balls

Lastly, we could not fail to include the balls among the must-have padel accessories, as it is not possible to play without them.

Some might argue that they aren't really accessories but, to complete this article, it seemed right to include them.

Having quality balls makes all the difference in the world, giving memorable games rather than bad experiences to forget.

If you are looking for the best balls from padel, you can find them here.

Dunlop PRO Padel Ball (Pack 3 x ...
63 Reviews
Dunlop PRO Padel Ball (Pack 3 x ...
  • Exclusive high performance core with superior strength for maximum ...
  • Ideal ball for competitions, championship and training.
  • Set of 3 jars.


These are all the accessories from padel that you really can't miss for a complete set, which ones did you choose?

We love to always have everything for maximum sporting pleasure, so we always advise not to compromise on this.

They are just details but, in the final calculation, they are precisely the ones that make the difference between a good and an excellent experience.